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Yann SERQUIN, Payment offers marketing manager, General Public Marketing Department Orange France
ORANGE: Quick, efficient, surprising, innovative: Clic and Walk has created the smart collect of information!

I was at first reluctant to try this methodology, but I was then amazed by the collect of date-stamped and geolocalised information with photos. We received in record time the locations using "contactless" payment in France (a particularly fragmented target). Before we met Clic and Walk, we tried in vain various traditional methods. As Clic and Walk has developed a new functionality for its app, the "Data Collect", the community of consumers can now collect geolocalised information in real time. It's thank to that functionality that we know where the information is! An other advantage is the positive impact of missions completed by the "average man or woman in the street", creating a dynamic of cooperation. As they are neither experts nor professionals, they give their vision - with no filters - of the reality they see. That is what brands are after today, in an environment where the consumers have more and more power and a stronger desire to take part in the enhancement of their everyday life.

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Alban MAYNE, EMEA Core CCP & Customer Marketing Director
LOGITECH: Nowadays, speed and direct connection with the customer are major assets to win market shares. Clic and Walk provides us with both!

Being close to the needs and feedbacks of our customers as far as their buying experience is concerned, in order to surpass their expectations while being faster than our competitors, all of that requires always more innovative tools. Clic and Walk offers a very effective and flexible crowdmarketing service. Thus, with what I call the "hot data" collected by shoppers, we are able identify in real time the points of sale where sales assistants need more training. Our teams are able to step in immediately and set up the necessary measures on the field. The major challenge is to measure the indicators regularly to evaluate the progress made and the impact on our revenue. Thus, we have been able to increase the recommendation rate of our products in our distribution channels on a regular basis (about 10pp from one quarter to the other). The lessons we learn are even greater now that the missions are launched in 5 countries at the same time. We carry out international analysis and benefit from a permanent benchmark, reflecting the real life of our products and our brand in all of our distribution channels.

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Karima BENYAICH DEBIAZI, Used Car Retail & End of Life Vehicle General Manager
PSA: Working with Clic and Walk also means having an impact on the efficiency of the teams on the field, as they accept immediately the consumer vision, photos being both factual and non judgemental.

We have tested and approved the Real Life in Real Time with immediate feedback about the customer perception as far as points of sale and products are concerned. Then, the most important step for the success of the project was the natural appropriation of the results by the teams on the field. Thus, they have been able to question themselves in a constructive manner and decide quickly about the next actions to set up. Why? Thanks to the strength of photos and factual answers given by consumers - and not experts - who observe and give their opinion without judging. The last asset is the constant collaborative spirit that led and facilitated the project. Clic and Walk is the expert of seamless crowdmarketing.

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